Our Materials Part 1

Hi! Welcome to “our material” session! in this session we will introduce you to the most used materials in Bali Natural Living

  1. Pandan Leaves: Pandan is a tropical plant that grows abundantly in Southeast Asia, it is known as “fragrant plant” because of its unique, sweet aroma. The cultivated plant, which is similar to the palm, features upright bright green leaves that are long, slender, and spiky. The leaves are used for flavor in many Southeast-Asian dishes. 
  2. Banana Stalk: Banana stalk has a lot of usability. it is being one of the materials in a lot of products such as crafts, household, flower arrangement, decoration.
  3. Mendong: Mendong classified as a grass, it grows abundantly at the swamp in Indonesia. it is widely used in for weaving, especially for the production of fine mats, hats, baskets, and decorations.

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