Heyyy! Happy holiday! 2020 is almost over and 2021 is coming, I believe there are many memories in 2020 either good or bad, but whatever it is let’s be grateful for whatever we have passed in 2020, let’s welcome 2021 by decorating our home, so it’s like new year new concept 😜

We got a recommendation on how to style your house using items from Bali Natural Living. Who doesn’t want to have a room goals, I’m sure everyone wants it!


1.Entrance Door

Entrance door is like a face of a house, when somebody visiting your home, the first thing that they’re gonna see is entrance door, go get this stuffs from Bali Natural Living and get everyone amazed

2. Living Room

Living room is a space for everyone to gather, also if you have a guest, sometimes, they’ll be in your living room while chit chat with you or watching television together, so make sure that you get the best decoration for your living room

3. Bedroom

Why do bedroom decoration is very important? Did you know that having a well decorated bedroom can be a recovery for you? Just imagine if you’re exhausted with your busy days, then you want to relax but your room is just a mess, will you feel comfortable by it?

4. Dining Room

I do believe that dining room is one of the most important room in a house, in dining room, family can gather around while enjoying their meal, and having a great decoration on this space can be one of the option you should consider, isn’t it gonna be great to enjoy a meal in a well decorated dining room? I’m pretty sure that you can have more quality time with your loved one

5. Corner Space

You might have a well decorated house, but you might don’t get it why it still look empty, try to decorate your corner space with our stuffs, here’s our recommendation


So, those are some recommendations if you want to have a pretty house to welcome 2021, I hope it helps, and more info about these stuffs, you can reach us on email or instagram, have a great day!

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