Get To Know Seagrass

Welcome to ‘get to know’ session. In this session we’re going to talk about one of our material, seagrass. Does anyone know what seagrass is? One thing for sure is it’s different from seaweed 😉

Seagrass is different kind from seaweed. Seagrass lives under the sea which has shallow depths, In Indonesia, there are more than 50 species of seagrass that lives under Indonesian seas.

Here’s the fun fact that you need to know about seagrass: seagrass can be recycled into paper, yes! It can replace wood as a material for paper. Seagrass contains high fiber and high cellulose, seagrass also grows rapidly and currently in a mass population

Seagrass also has some benefits to our environment

  1. Seagrass is a food for many creatures under the sea
  2. Seagrass is also a stabilator for ocean
  3. Seagrass can be recycled into fertilizer
  4. Seagrass is a material for home decoration and crafts

So here they are a simple introduction to seagrass, if you have any additional information regarding this plant, please don’t be shy to drop on the comment section below 🙂

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