If you ever been to Bali, you’ll notice that many cafe / restaurants in Bali have a homey ambiance, a vibe that makes you always wanna come back to Bali. Now you have a chance to bring Bali to your hometown only with a simple click.

What make Bali places have a special ambience are their decorations, the decoration is artsy and most of them carry the bohemian or minimalist interior as their concept. Bali is rich for its natural resources, in our local artisan’s magic hands, those natural resources are turning into beautiful decoration that can make homes / cafes look amazing and make them have a special ambience.

Here are some tips on how to style your home just like Bali cafe:


Many Bali cafe and restaurants are using lampshade cause lampshade make the room look more unique and not boring. Lampshades from Bali Natural Living have many size and made from various materials and design, you can choose which design suits your concept for example Rattan Lampshade and Beads Lampshades are perfect for minimalist, elegant and nordic theme, while Rumbai Lampshade is perfect for bohemian and scandinavian concept, most of our products are in neutral colour which makes it easier to combine with any other colour, but if you want it to be colourful, just tell us 🙂


Decorations are the key to make a room look beautiful. Usually, most cafe in Bali are placing decorations in their space, the most common decorations are wall decorations, mirrors, and stick decorations. Wall decoration has many types, in Bali Natural Living, the best selling wall decorations are macrame, rattan plate decoration and wall basket. If you’re wondering how a mirror can also turn a space into more beautiful, you need to see our mirror collections, from the simple and minimalist design to bohemian design, all available in Bali Natural Living. Stick decorations can also be your decoration choice, you can either use the same type of leaf decoration or mix it


Not only plants can make your room has a better air circulation, placing plants can also make your room look great. You can either choose real plants or artificial plants, both have their own pros and cons, to make your plants look more beautiful, try to add some pot cover, if you have no place to put some plants, you can hang them with our plant holder, plants can also used as a centerpiece in a table, simply add table vase to it voilla it’ll look amazing


Pretty tableware can be a reason to stay and eat home cooking more often, it can also boost your appetite. Bali Natural Living has many kinds of pretty tableware such as wooden series which consist of complete tableware, brass cuttleries with various of top design, and coconut bowls made from 100% real coconut. For brass cuttleries, you can custom the decoration on the top with any other style, also for coconut bowls you can add carving on it like brand name. See more tableware collection here.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s decorate your home and bring Bali Cafe decorations to your home 🙂

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