Everyone might be already familiar with minimalist design, minimalist design is one of the most popular design that many people applied to their home. But, have you heard about Scandinavian design? Scandinavian design uses multi functional items, also called with Nordic style. Check our article below to know what’s the difference between Scandinavian and Minimalist style


One of many things that makes them different are the color decision. As we all know that 2021 minimalist design are choosing elegant color such as pastel, white, grey, black, etc. While Scandinavian style always uses neutral color that inspired by the nature such as white, brown, wood element, and another soft color that suits to be combined with wooden element decoration. No wonder items with natural materials are often used for Scandinavian style.


Another differences between those two are the materials. Usually minimalist interior have more various of material used, while decoration in Scandinavian design have more natural material as its dominant such as wood, mirror, and other handcrafts with natural elements.


For some people who doesn’t have much space, Scandinavian interior design is the perfect option for you. Scandinavian interior design uses multi function items, they always be wise in placing objects. So that one item can be used for multiple function and no need to add extra space. While Minimalist style home decoration commonly uses decoration that has single function

The Design

Last but not least, the difference between Scandinavian and Minimalist are the design. In general, Minimalist design are focusing for spacious room with tidy look, and simple shaped objects while Scandinavian are focusing on irregular geometric shape combining with nature elements such as wood, rattan, or any other natural materials

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