How to Remove Stains In Natural Basket

Baskets from natural materials are one of the handicrafts that can be used for various functions. For example, storage, as a decorations, giving an aesthetic point to the house, and as a pot cover. This product has been very popular not only in Indonesia, but also worldwide. Beside their pretty look, they’re  also multi function. Since our baskets are made from natural materials, it needs to be taken care regularly, but what if there are stains on the baskets? Is it difficult to clean? Now, instead of being confused, let’s take a look at this article on how to remove stains in natural basket

Clean Them with Soft Linen

Baskets with natural material needs special attention especially when you clean them, it has to be handled with care. These baskets are made with natural fibers, so the perfect linen to use is the one which has soft texture, this has a purpose to not make the basket’s surface damaged, also you need to make sure to wipe them carefully, do not wipe them harshly.

Use Toothbrush to Clean

These baskets are made from natural fibers, it might be difficult to clean them especially if you have no idea about the right tool while the stains are quite big. Our recommendation is to use toothbrush. Use your old toothbrush and brush the stains slowly and carefully to avoid damaging the fiber

Regularly Put Them under The Sun

Natural materials may need special attention, especially if you place them indoor with a bad air circulation. One very important step that you need to do is to put them under the sun regularly, putting them under the sun can prevent them from fungi

Use Silica Gel to Prevent Fungi

Fungi can easily grow in baskets with natural materials, one of many ways to prevent them is put silica gel inside the basket. This is quite effective to prevent fungi. So do not worry if you want to keep these baskets inside the rack or indoor space.

Those are some simple tips on how to take care of baskets made from natural material. I hope this article may be your solution

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