Wood is one of an organic material, products made of wood will always be attractive. There are many decorations that made from wood such as macrame, wall decoration, stool, and others. The texture and knots are part of wood’s charm, and no two pieces are similar. Wood changes constantly and it affects the volume, color, and the wood structure. The wood will continue to change throughout the product’s life span. It’s important to handle the wood products correctly.

To help ensure that your wood product maintains a beautiful appearance and long lifetime, you should follow our tips bellow

Do Not Place It in A Damp Area

The wet and damp circulation will accelerate the oxidation process. That can cause termite and fungi to grow fast. Also not recommended to place the items directly under the sun cause direct exposure of wooden products to sunlight may lead to loss of the original colour and to get deformations.

Clean Them Regularly

The accumulated dust can cause the color of the product to fade and can be a growth medium for decaying organisms, making the wood easy to rot. Cleaning is carried out with a clean, dry, lint-free cloth from cotton or another material. We do not recommend microfiber cloths. Alternatively, the cleaning is carried out with a clean, damp cloth with water, then drying it with a clean lint-free cloth.

Choose The Right Cleaning Liquid

avoid using chemical products such as acetone, methanol, toluene, or other solven deriven materials. Those chemical ingredients can damage wooden’s top coat, and remove spilled liquids from wooden surfaces as soon as possible.

So, those are few tips to take care of wooden materials, I believe that those steps are quite easy to be applied daily. Make sure to check our our blog for more tips and guidelines 🙂

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