Sustainable Fashion

Have you heard about “Sustainable Fashion” trend? What does “Sustainable Fashion” mean? Sustainable fashion is a concept for fashion industry to produce eco friendly fashion. “Sustainable Fashion” means having more responsibility not only to customers but also to environment. In other word, as a company we have to make comfortable products for our customer, but we also have to be responsible for the environment by not adding many waste. Nowadays, many people are getting more critical to what they’re wearing especially in big countries, some of them are prioritizing “Sustainable Fashion”

The Truth

Every year, fashion industry contributes no less than 20% of the earth’s wastewater and 10% of the carbon dioxide emissions on our planet. quoted by United Nations Economic Commission. Therefore, now might be the right time to pay more attention to the Sustainable “Fashion” concept

Which Product Categorized As Sustainable?
Sustainable means the products are giving benefit not only economically but also socially in the whole production process without polluting the environment. Recently, there are more garment company which already applies this “Sustainable Fashion” concept.
Not only for company, many designers are doing experiments with eco friendly material. For example they’re using natural resources as their main materials, or they recycle some items to become a new fashion trend.
Here are some tips to contribute in “Sustainable Fashion”:
Choose Brand Which Applied “Sustainable Fashion” Concept
Not all big brands are open to “Sustainable Concept”. So, if you want to join this movement you need to know exactly which brands are applying this movement.
Fashion From Plants. Why Not?
Nowadays there are many options of brands offering fashion that made from plants for example bags, clutch and hats that made from rattan, seagrass, agel, etc. Plant based fashion is an eco friendly option to support the “Sustainable Fashion” movement.
Handle Your Items with Care
Take a good care of your clothes and accessories can be the effort to build an eco friendly environment. When your clothes and accessories last longer means you don’t need to throw them away, and you can still using it. Throwing them away can cause waste.
Every Small Step Counts
Always be updated to the news about “Sustainable Fashion” in every platform and eco-friendly groups. It’ll make you keep motivated in supporting “Sustainable Fashion” plus you can also get a lot of inspirations from it.
We’re hoping that there will be more people realize the bad effect from fashion industry and change their mind to move to “Sustainable Fashion” concept. Every step counts, we believe that massive change start from a small step

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