Tips: Decorating Dining Table

Why do some people are prefer to eat out? Some of us think that restaurant’s dishes are way tastier than home cooking while it actually not quite right. I personally think that home cooking dishes are way tastier than restaurant’s food, if we cook our own meal, we can actually adjust the amount of the […]

Wooden Care Guidelines

Wood is one of an organic material, products made of wood will always be attractive. There are many decorations that made from wood such as macrame, wall decoration, stool, and others. The texture and knots are part of wood’s charm, and no two pieces are similar. Wood changes constantly and it affects the volume, color, […]

The Difference Between Scandinavian and Minimalist Design

Everyone might be already familiar with minimalist design, minimalist design is one of the most popular design that many people applied to their home. But, have you heard about Scandinavian design? Scandinavian design uses multi functional items, also called with Nordic style. Check our article below to know what’s the difference between Scandinavian and Minimalist […]

Get To Know Seagrass

Welcome to ‘get to know’ session. In this session we’re going to talk about one of our material, seagrass. Does anyone know what seagrass is? One thing for sure is it’s different from seaweed ? Seagrass is different kind from seaweed. Seagrass lives under the sea which has shallow depths, In Indonesia, there are more […]

Get to Know: Rayung

Heyyy welcome to get to know session, this time we’re going to introduce one of the most used material in Bali Natural Living, this is rayung. Rayung is a stalk of a plants name Gelagah (Wood Cane), it’s classified as a tall grass, it used to grow in an area where rainfall is quite high […]

Why Do You Need to Bring Natural Elements to Your Home?

If you’re interested about our natural decoration items because of their visual, you might be not know that these natural decorations also have some benefits Nature is Stylish and Timeless A big part of the allure of natural decor is their rich texture and ‘raw’ vibe. Wood in particular, is warm and rustic, whether styled […]

Get To Know: Mendong

Hey, welcome back to get to know session. In this session, I’m going to introduce one of our material, it’s mendong. Mendong is Classified as a tall grass and usually grown in swamps or muddy ground that contains a lot of water and it can grows up to 100cm. This plant is a material for […]