Tips: Decorating Dining Table

Why do some people are prefer to eat out? Some of us think that restaurant’s dishes are way tastier than home cooking while it actually not quite right. I personally think that home cooking dishes are way tastier than restaurant’s food, if we cook our own meal, we can actually adjust the amount of the […]

The Difference Between Scandinavian and Minimalist Design

Everyone might be already familiar with minimalist design, minimalist design is one of the most popular design that many people applied to their home. But, have you heard about Scandinavian design? Scandinavian design uses multi functional items, also called with Nordic style. Check our article below to know what’s the difference between Scandinavian and Minimalist […]

Home Decoration Idea

Heyyy! Happy holiday! 2020 is almost over and 2021 is coming, I believe there are many memories in 2020 either good or bad, but whatever it is let’s be grateful for whatever we have passed in 2020, let’s welcome 2021 by decorating our home, so it’s like new year new concept ? We got a […]